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2014 Ohio Wing Encampment

posted Apr 8, 2014, 5:09 AM by Shelley Wessels

Applications are now being accepted for basic cadets for the 2014 Ohio Wing Encampment. This year’s encampment will be held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio with billeting at Wright State University. The course dates are Sunday 06 July 2014 through Saturday 12 July 2014. The cost of the activity is $250.00. Additional information can be found on the 2014 Ohio Wing Encampment webpage. You are also encouraged to "LIKE" the Ohio Wing Encampment Facebook page.

Every cadet that has not previously attended a basic encampment is encouraged to apply. This activity will take your skills to the next level and open many doors for you as a cadet. These opportunities include National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs), the training framework required to become a successful CAP cadet officer, and many more. Encampment offers cadets experience in Leadership, Aerospace and United State Air Force demonstrations, Emergency Services and many other events that are strategically planned in this activity. The week of encampment is mentally and physically challenging; however the end result is virtually unmatched by any other activity in Civil Air Patrol.

The following eligibility criteria must be met to attend:

●  Have earned the Curry Achievement (Cadet Airman) by the registration deadline (01 June 2014)

●  Be a current and active member of Civil Air Patrol

●  Have one complete set of the Blues Uniform and two sets of the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

●  Complete CPPT if over the age of 18


Directions to Apply:

1. Complete the online 2014 Ohio Wing Encampment Basic Registration Form.

2. Print the 2014 Ohio Wing Encampment Application. Complete all forms and gather all required signatures. An application checklist has been provided for your convenience.

3. Scan all forms into a single PDF file and email to encampmentadmin@ohwg.cap.gov.

4. Pay activity fee of $250.00 to your local squadron. Checks must be made out to “Civil Air Patrol”.

5. Once you have completed the online registration form, you may begin tracking your application status on the 2014 Ohio Wing Encampment Basic Application Status Spreadsheet. Please allow 48 hours for this to be updated after your forms have been submitted.


For questions or more information, please contact us at encampmentadmin@ohwg.cap.gov.


Posted on behalf of: 

Tanner Barnes, C/Col, CAP

Cadet Commander

2014 Ohio Wing Encampment