CAP Membership Application Forms

Membership Application Process and Forms

Step 1.  Find a local CAP squadron by visiting: (Note: The unit locator cannot be accessed from military computers.)

All active CAP members join through a local squadron. You can find squadrons near you by entering your zip code or city and state on our online unit locator: The local squadron is the best place to find answers to specific questions about membership. 

Step 2.  Contact the Squadron.

Please contact the Columbus Composite Squadron Recruiting Officer via email. 

Step 3. Visit a meeting. The best way to learn more about what you can do in CAP is to attend a meeting. You’ll have a chance to see how meetings are run and what types of activities are available. You should visit all the squadrons that are convenient to you. Each squadron is structured differently (see section below on types) and has different leadership, culture, and volunteer opportunities. Visiting different squadrons helps you find the squadron that best fits your needs.  Columbus Composite Squadron participates in the Cadet Great Start program which is a 5 week introduction to Civil Air Patrol and allows new members to achieve their first promotion at the end of the training course.  The next enrollment period begins October 4, 2016.

Step 4. Membership Application Process*. 

Cadet Applications:  The cadet application process is now completed through the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters website.  The cadet application can be found here: Cadet Application.  Once completed, the application will be forwarded to the Squadron Commander for review and approval.

Senior Leaders Applications:  The senior leader application must be completed on paper and accompanied by fingerprints on an official CAP fingerprint card.  The application can be completed using the link below or the squadron can provide the application at the time the fingerprint card is issued. 

Membership dues vary by state and you can view our membership dues table here. Make sure you check the dues before sending in your application.  Incorrect dues amount will delay the processing of your membership. Note: Applications without the squadrons commander's signature will not be processed. 

 *Please note Civil Air Patrol requires attendance at three consecutive weekly meetings before a member can submit an application.

Step 5. Send your application:

Cadet Applications:  The cadet application is now completed online (see Step 4).  All cadet applications must be reviewed by the squadron membership committee with final approval being given by Squadron Commander.  Proof of identification is required prior to the application being approved.  


Senior Applications 
Submit by Mail 
Checks made payable to Civil Air Patrol or money orders are accepted for dues payment.   You can mail your completed application, fingerprint cards and dues payment to:

Civil Air Patrol/DP
105 S. Hansell St. Bldg 714
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112
 Expedited Mail
If you would like to expedite the mailing of your application, we strongly recommend sending it via FedEx or UPS.  Both services deliver directly to NHQ.  

All USPS mail must be routed and sorted through the base post office before CAP receives it.  Priority USPS can be delayed several days while it is routed through the base.  


Types of Squadrons

SENIOR – Senior squadrons only have an adult program for senior members 18 years of age and older. Cadets are not accepted into senior squadrons.

CADET – Cadet squadrons only have a youth program for cadets. There are senior members in this program, but their purpose is to manage the youth program. Adults can join if their primary interest is working with the cadets.

COMPOSITE – Composite squadrons have both a senior and a cadet program. Some squadrons are special school units.  These units have a charter number that starts with an 8, like CA 801, and generally only students who attend the school can participate in that squadron.